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Dizzy Dress™ RocketPop!

Lotsa POP from one little twirly dress (-:

My fave after-school snack. HKIS forever!


The Signature Dress of Dizzy Dress™

This classic Dizzy™ has just been appointed
to be the brand's signature, flagship, forever dress!
Never ever will we run out of this style.

Introducing Dizzy Dress™ Mayumi

(formerly named Dizzy Dress™ Tricia at Playtime NY.
Sorry for the confusion!)


A New Year's Must.

2014. Do you know where you're going? 
I have a general sense of where I want to be, but for the most part, 
my email isn't dizzymedizzydress@gmail for nothing!

I get off-balanced by the tides too easily. Then kick and
scream my way back. In life, of late, I've been practicing the 'moon relax'.
When my daughter and I swim, I think of ways to get her to try
new things in the water. Basically, it's our mommy-daughter code
 for 'swim on your back, look at the moon, and just relax'. 
My ears are underwater so everything around me sounds muffled
yet the sound of my breathing is so LOUD and pronounced.
And all that water I hear! For a moment, I feel what it must be
like in a womb where there's not much to do...but be...
and chill to the sound of ambiotic fluid and your mama's
heartbeat. And then, with my back against the pool water
 I look up at God's sky. And say thank you, THANK YOU!
 And I'm sorry. Worries about getting off-track, drift away.
And I have faith.

I know where I want to be.
And I'm going to get there with a little less kicking and 
screaming and a little more moon-relaxing.