4 most important things to remember about your Dizzy Dress™

1.  When drying by hand, do not twist or wring out.
This may change the shape of your dress.

2.  Lay flat to dry is best.
When drying on the line, do not hang dress by the straps.
This will wear out straps. Instead, take a hanger and hang between the 2 skirts.

3.  Ironing cotton knit is not recommended. Do not iron spandex.
For the rest of the fabrics, keep the ironing to a minimum.
No need to iron, if you ask me (-:

4.  When storing, do not hang dress by the straps.
This reduces wear and tear. Simply fold your Dizzy™ or
hang (see #2)

Washing & Drying Instructions: 

Machine wash cold, gentle/delicate.
Keep the straps tied.
Wash with like colors and similar soft materials (no zippers, hooks that could get caught in the dress)
Or gently handwash (no crazy brushing or manic handwashing).
Laying flat to dry is recommended.
You may lay dress on a thick, dry towel and roll the towel
around the garment to remove excess moisture.
Do not twist or wring out.
Or hang on line. Do not hang by straps.
Instead, hang like so:

Again, do not wash with the felt hearts.
Don't wash felt hearts at all.
And no bleach, or soaking in bleach please.

Ironing Instructions:

No need to iron your Dizzy Dress.
Ironing cotton knit is not recommended. Do not iron spandex.
If need be, just a 'light' ironing at a super low setting.
And iron rapidly.
Better yet, use a towel as a 'buffer'.
Or don't iron at all.

Storing Instructions:

Fold it. This lessens wear and tear on the straps.
Remember, 1 Dizzy Dress (large & medium) is made of nearly 4 yards of fabric.
That's a lot of weight! More fabric, more twirl!

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