1)  SIZES? Dizzy Dress™ comes in 3 amazingly adjustable sizes. Here's the size guide:
     SMALL  3-5 years old
     MEDIUM  5-8 years old
     LARGE  8-11 years old

Dizzy Dress™ Yes comes in 2 sizes:
     SMALL/MEDIUM fits 3-8 years old (seriously!)
     MEDIUM/LARGE fits 8-11 years old (seriously!!)

Dizzy Dress™Rules! is sized just like Dizzy Dress™:
     SMALL  3-5 years old
     MEDIUM  5-8 years old
     LARGE  8-11 years old

Just to give you an idea: my regular sized 7.5 year old fits the medium perfectly. Nice and snug, like a ballet leotard with a little room leftover (about 1 1/2 inches when pulled at the chest). She also fits the large with lots of room YET the fabric still holds up beautifully at the chest. Not hanging loosely. As of 6 months ago, she could still fit into a small, but that was really pushing it!!!

As for the Dizzy Dress™ Yes, my daughter fits both S/M and M/L. What's my preference? I love the S/M on her! Nice and snug at the chest. Fits like a sports bra offering her some support. Snug but not tight. Still very comfy with still some room left over. About 1 inch when I pull at the chest. I also like it falling to her knees. But that's just me! She also looks great in the M/L. The length is a maxi, which makes her feel like a princess.

Here she is wearing a Yes Dress, size S/M:

Here she is wear ing a size L/M:

I will be posting photos of her wearing all three sizes in the Dizzy Dress™ so you have a better idea. Also, email me with all your OC questions about sizing (-: I know how difficult it is to purchase clothes online. Especially since I don't do exchanges yet. Very difficult and costly because of the international shipping. Sorry about that!

We are gearing up for our 2014 Spring/Summer Collection, but for now, we carry limited stocks of just 10-20 'collector's item' pieces of each product as they are and will always be carefully made with tender loving care.

2)  HOW SHOULD IT FIT? The chest area of Dizzy Dress™ fits much like a leotard would, nice and snug.Though it works just as well a little bit loose like a regular dress. For example,
my daughter is 7 years old and she fits both medium and large. The medium fits snug on her chest, while the large is a little more roomy up on top. Large is about a 1inch wider at the chest than medium. The length of a large is about the same as a medium. On some styles it is about an inch longer than the medium. At the end of the day, it's up to you!

3)  WHAT'S IT MADE OF? Dizzy Dress™ always contains the following material: cotton, rayon or nylon spandex (stretchy side of the dress). Dizzy Dress™ may also contain some of the following material - woven fabrics such as: batiste, challis, chiffon, organza, sateen (inner part of the dress).
Dizzy Dress™ Yes is made of a high-quality, super comfy-soft, crazy twirly spandex.

4)  AND THE HEM? Dizzy Dress™ uses different fabrics for both sides.  Because of the weight differences and stretchiness of each fabric, hems may be longer on one side than the other. This is not a defect (-: And or the same reason, hems are not perfectly straight. They should, however, always be symmetrical and balanced.

5)  HOW DO I CARE FOR MY DIZZY? Washing & drying instructions: Machine wash cold. Or hand wash. Do not twist or wring out. If need be, tumble low or air dry in the dryer. Or hang on line. When hanging, do not hang by the straps.  So the straps don't take all the weight, hang like so:

And, even better than hanging on the line is LAYING FLAT TO DRY.

7)  SHOULD I IRON MY DIZZY? Ironing spandex or cotton knit is not recommended. If need be, just a super duper 'light' ironing of cotton knits at a super low setting. And iron rapidly. Do not iron spandex (you don't iron bathing suits or leotards, right?)Spandex doesn't wrinkle anyway. Light ironing the woven side (not stretchy side) of your Dizzy Dress™ is acceptable.

8)  FOLD OR HANG? Storing instructions: it's best to fold your Dizzy Dress™. Hanging your dress for long periods will wear out the straps.

9)  CAN I ORDER 50 DIZZY DRESSES OF ONE STYLE? Currently, we carry limited stocks, But on certain styles this could be done. Please email me to discuss this further.

10) CAN I ORDER 50 ASSORTED DIZZY DRESSES? Yes! If we have the stocks, why not? It just won't be 50 of the same Dizzy. However, if you place an order prior to a production run, a 50 or 30 (depending on fabric quantity) unit order of one style is very do-able. Please email me for further discussion at dizzymedizzydress@gmail.com.