Yes Dress sizing info!

Dizzy Dress™ YES
comes in just 2 sizes that incredibly fits a range of girls age 3 to 11!
Size Small/Medium (S/M) and size Medium/Large (M/L).

Daughter Mayumi is 7.5 and here she is above 
wearing an S/M (left) and a M/L (right). The S/M is snug on her 
chest and fits perfectly with still some growing room left over! 
It goes to her knees for cool retro look and is the perfect length for
 playground fun! As you can see M/L fits her nicely too. With lots more 
growing room in the chest area plus the length of a maxi dress. 
And because it's longer, it's just a little harder to manage the jungle 
gym in this dizzy. 

Can't wait to photograph my 3 year old niece in a S/M!!
More to come.....

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