Dizzy Dress™ on TV!

Click on the Youtube link below to watch my interview 
on ABS-CBN News Channel's ShopTalk.
Skip to the 13:20 mark and it'll take you to the beginning 
of the 12 minute Dizzy Dress™ segment!

Take note, producers PILED ON the make-up!!
Can you guess the last I had this much Bonnie Bell on me? 

Senior Prom 1988!!!!!!! 

May 9 was Shoptalk's Mother's Day Episode.
Daughter Mayumi and I were interviewed.
(they spelled my name wrong!)

Taping was a week before. 
In my head, I thought I did terribly. I seriously did. 

Mayumi was superb, of course.
And Dizzy Dress™ the product, spoke for itself!

Me, I was so scared to watch the show!
But Mother's Day came, I tuned in, and YEY, I didn't do too bad. 
Much, much better than I had imagined. Phewwww.

Why are people so hard on themselves?
Though I'm not a fan of that Forensic Artist Dove TV spot that's
been invading Youtube, there is truth to that commercial.

"We spend a lot of time as women analyzing 
and trying to fix the things that aren't quite right. 
And we should spend more time appreciating the things we do like.

You are more beautiful than you think."
-- Dove

Thanks again for the interview, Shoptalk!

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