All New Dizzy Dress™ Gotta Dance! Collection

When you're in a Dizzy Dress™ you just gotta!
Gotta spin, gotta jump, gotta twist, gotta shout, gotta gotta!
Introducing the Dizzy Dress™ Gotta Dance! Collection.

Promises to 'turn' ANY situation --
birthday party, wedding, play dates at home, in playgrounds
even the boringest snoringest of them all --
grandma's mahjong game, mommy's grocery run, dental appointment, bored at home
into something quite spectacular.  

With an all new construction to endure even more pretty twirly fun. 

A collection inspired by my favorite dance moments in film!

The Dizzy Dress™ Gotta Dance! Collection!
Click HERE to get moving, get dancing, get DIZZY!

Happy Holidays!

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