A SeriouslyDizzy Inc. Production!

Today is a MOMENTOUS day.
 Thank you Pia. Finally, right?!! Hope I made you proud.
Thank you Paolo, and your 'Just Do It. Moron!' approach. I guess it worked!
Thank you Daddy & Mommy, my angel & devil investors.
Thank you Rachel, my Dr. Matoto.
Thank you Tina, for believing in me & Dizzy and giving us the time of day!
Thank you Alexie. (cake! fireworks! french fries!)
Thank you Febie. Best. Assistant. Ever.
Thank you Dr. Tan. Best. Doctor. Ever.
Thank you Anne & Nono. For not being so far away. Now come back!
Thank you GOD. UNIVERSE. You're conspiring, aren't you!?
Thank you Mayumi. And your never-ending supply of patience and love for Mommy.
Thank you Asawa, for filling in the blanks.
Thank you me.
I swear, I suprise me.

I'm blessed! I'm blessed!
Living in the overflow!

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