She's got a case of the Twirlcompoops.

Is your kid a Twirlcompoop?

According to Seriously Dizzy Inc.,
Pediatric Twirlcompoopery is 20 to 30 times more intense 
than Adult Twirlcompoopery, if left untreated.

Find out now if you think your daughter
or someone you know has got a case of the Twirlcompoops.
Patterns of behavior, prognosis, treatment and further resources can be read here.: http://wearthefun.blogspot.com/2011/11/guide-to-recognizing-twirly-girls.html


Dizzy Dress™ featured in Glam-o-Mamas!

Now how in the heck does a mom 
with not one business bone in her body 
come up with the Dizzy Dress™? 
Think, think, think....


Slumber Parties

I will never forget this amazing slumber party I had
with my friend Laney Higgerson. I must've been in the 5th grade.
We came up with a song and dance routine which
we rehearsed all morning then performed it for her parents.
Thanks for the memory friend. Light as a feather, stiff as a board!
Unfortunately, most slumber parties leave you with different kinds of memories.
Memories of the intoxicated kind.
Paranoid me probably won't be allowing my daughter to go to slumber parties.
I will make up for it by throwing her amazing ones from our cuckoo's nest.

Get silly, get dizzy! No day but today!