Better than Barbie

"...tied with Barbie. 
And with fried chicken.
But better than Lego.
And tutus!"

Oh, my.

Thanks daughter dear.

And this is Dizzy Dress™ All That Jazz!


Pretty silly

Dizzy™ gets the Silly out!
Yes, even prim & proper Princesses are not immune.

This is Dizzy Dress™ Baby Houseman
part of the Dizzy Dress™ I Love Dance! Collection.

This is also Baby Houseman.
Go Baby go!!!!

Photo & name belong to Dirty Dancing.


I ♥ Usa Again!!!

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                                                        This is Dizzy Dress™ Fosse


Dumbo gets Dizzy!

                                                                      Brooklyn, New York


Qualities of a Dizzy™ Missy


                                              yes indeedy!

and by the way, this is Dizzy Dress™ Roxy Hart available in medium & large.

and this is Dizzy Dress™ Little Twin Stars from the first collection.