Powered by Joy

Forget solar powered.
Forget battery powered.
Never mind 110 or 220 Volts.

All this dress needs to get going
is you.

Happy twirling little Missy.


1,829 days old

it's official.
she's a 6 year old.

her party took about a week to plan.
i tried my darndest to keep it 'thematic' and pitched
to her 'mayumi's SPA-rty' which would've been all
things spa...like massages, manicures, tea, finger food, etc...
she scrunched her eyebrows and said WHAT THE???
she wanted 'mayumi's disco party' with glow sticks and fireworks blasting on repeat.
i scrunched my eyebrows and said WHAT THE???
 and after a couple more WHAT THE'S??? between the 2 of us 
we finally agreed on mayumi's 'WHAT THE???!!!' party.
which was basically A LITTLE BIT OF EVERYTHING.
what the?!

i must say, decorating the house with her was the best part
of the whole experience. even better, i think, than the actual party.
we were a team!!!!
 she helped with the streamers, balloons, GLUE GUN(!!!), table setting, invitations & posters.
she really felt useful, which is important to kids and humans in general, yes?
on the day of, it was quite a hectic 3 hours i must say.
would i do this again?
hell, YEAH!!!!!
she was so very happy.


Goodbye 5!

I took this photo 5 hours ago on our way to school.
She was half asleep until I told her 
that this would be her last morning as a five year old. 
She immediately sat up, wide-eyed.
And that scrambled egg and toast breakfast she just had,
would be her last '5 year old' breakfast. 
Yey, no more scrambled eggs!
Ha, ha. Not so fast.
And that this would be her last '5 year old' day at school.
And her last '5 year old' day ever.
She was getting more and more excited as I was getting more and more sentimental.
Yey, how many more minutes till 6??!!!!

I asked her to wave goodbye to Five.

Goodbye kindergarten!
Goodbye to only liking pink (she now likes purple too).
Goodbye forward-facing car seat!
Goodbye stroller!
Goodbye Johnson's Baby Head to Toe Body Wash!
Goodbye 3 baby teeth!
Goodbye to being the second to last 5 year old kid in class.

Can Mommy say goodbye????

Haha. I know you can relate!
Oh mother!!!