Dizzy Dress™ on TV!

WHAT THE?????!!!!
What can I say, being interviewed was absolutely surreal.
Dizzy Dress was just a silly mommy's dream 7 months ago.

Thank you Universe, thank you Me,
thank you Mayumi, my daughter, my heart.
I DID IT!!!!
Still boatloads to be done, but got to got to just say,

Thank you Steve Jobs for Macbook Pages!!! I can actually do my own friggin ads!!!
Thank you Google for Blogger.
Thank you Mark Zuckerberg for Facebook.
Thank you to my nearly 20 year old advertising career.
Thank you Mom & Dad for being Mom & Dad.
Thank you Pia Matoto for being the first one to believe in this. Our early morning 
vonage analysis paralysis discussions were fun.
Thank you Sznapers for Paris. Paris was the spark!!! As well as the sheep in Switzerland.
Thank you Paolo for calling me a 'moron'. My bro always keeps it real! 
Told you you're the most like mom!
Thank you RRRRRR, my right brain and rahrah sis-in-law.
Thank you Monkeybutt my model #2, for believing in Tita Triss and loving the Dizzy Dress. 
I still owe you 'celery'!
Thank you to my customers, you cool mom you! And super sweet tita & tito! You hot, gorgeous lola.
Thanks to my sweet cuz Pia Aguilar for giving Dizzy D her first press ever. 
Thank you Bambi Sy! Won't you be my Mama? Smart Parenting got Net25's attention ya know!
Thanks to Maita for all the likes, shares and shout outs. I hate the word shout out!!!
Thanks Eduardo for being kulit.
Thank you Tita Baby P for the encouragement and leads. Priceless.
Thank you Nida B. my hardworking master cutter & seamstress.
Thank you edging machine. I love you.
Thank you Joseph, my husband. Love you too.

Somebody pinch me.
Now back to work.

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