Dizzy Dress™ All That Jazz

This is Dizzy Dress™All That Jazz,
one of my favorites from the I Love Dance Collection
named after my favorite dance movie AND favorite movie of all time!

All That Jazz the dress only looks like denim but is actually a stretchy cotton knit jersey.
It also only comes in large.

All That Jazz the movie is directed by my favorite choreographer, the amazing Bob Fosse.
It's a film about a director who choreographs and literally stages his own death, 
and the weeks leading to it.

The clip below is his death scene. I still cry every time I watch 'Bye Bye Life',
the finale of his life. Ben Vereen plays the host. Jessica Lange plays death.
And the amazing Ann Reinking plays the right artery. 
Yes, artery. You read right.

Incredible performances right here folks! I love dance because of THIS!

Check out Dizzy Dress™ All That Jazz
and other new designs right here!

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