Dizzy Dress™ Josephine Baker

This is Dizzy Dress™ Josephine Baker
from the Dizzy Dress™ I Love Dance! Collection.

J'adore Paris!!!

This is me j'adoring on this (st.honore)...

(queue de lotte a la provencale avec chorizo pata negra iberico et des olives vertes)

and THIS 
(bestest, fluffiest, non-greasiest croissant EVER).

 Oh Pah-reeeee!

Merci beaucoup best cooks Anne, Virgile & of course Goofball Nappers!
Your country, Virgile, is amazing!! #1 in EVERYTHING!!!! UNBEATABLE!!! INCREDIBLE!!!
In food, film & farming methods.
Even Ryan Gosling is French!!! 
Did I just hear you say "I knew it!!!!"? ☺

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