Dizzy Dress™ Josephine Baker

This is Dizzy Dress™ Josephine Baker
from the Dizzy Dress™ I Love Dance! Collection.

J'adore Paris!!!

This is me j'adoring on this (st.honore)...

(queue de lotte a la provencale avec chorizo pata negra iberico et des olives vertes)

and THIS 
(bestest, fluffiest, non-greasiest croissant EVER).

 Oh Pah-reeeee!

Merci beaucoup best cooks Anne, Virgile & of course Goofball Nappers!
Your country, Virgile, is amazing!! #1 in EVERYTHING!!!! UNBEATABLE!!! INCREDIBLE!!!
In food, film & farming methods.
Even Ryan Gosling is French!!! 
Did I just hear you say "I knew it!!!!"? ☺

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Dizzy Dress™ Sandahl Bee

Sandahl Bergman was the AMAZING lead dancer & captain in Take Off With Us
from the movie All That Jazz directed and choreographed by my idol Bob Fosse.

Sandahl was also one of Kyra's 9 immortal muse sisters in Xanadu.

Sandahl was also in Red Sonja as Red Sonja and in several Conan the Barbarians.
But never mind about that.

Growing up, I wanted to dance just like Sandahl ♥

This is Take Off With Us, probably my favorite dance number, ever.
You must watch it!!!!!!


Dizzy Dress™ Gene Kelly

This is Dizzy Dress™ Gene Kelly
from the Dizzy Dress™ I Love Dance! Collection.

"If Fred Astaire is the Cary Grant of dance,
I'm the Marlon Brando."
-- Gene Kelly

Man do I love the great Gene Kelly and these magnificent Hollywood dance musicals.
Catching them on the telly makes me feel strangely....safe! 
Like I'm in good hands and everything's going to be ok (:


The Dizzy Dress™ I Love Dance Collection!


 This is Dizzy Dress™ Ann Reinking
named after another one of dance idols.
Have you seen her in Fosse's All That Jazz???

I love you Ann Reinking!!!!!

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