Everlasting Love

"I never had any friends later on 
like the ones I had when I was twelve. 
Jesus, does anyone?"

This post is dedicated 
to best friend cousins Mayumi and Ines,
now 8778 miles away from each other. 

Their butt jokes, butt dances & butt songs
continue to leave them glued to the hip and heart
as the silliness lives on every Saturday on skype.

Here's to best friends of every kind, everywhere!
(long-lost facebook ones included)
(click play on the link below, then scroll down for Mayumi & Ines over the years.
or you could first have yourself a little dose of rex smith 70s teen idol)

Butter Butt & Monkey Butt.
A Look Back (-:

Ines and Mayumi forever ♥

opening quote from Stand By Me by Stephen King

Everlasting Love written by Buzz Cason & Mac Gayden
performed by Rex Smith & Rachel Sweet

Dizzy Dress™ Pixie Dust, Purple Lurple & Paisley Please 

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