I'm dreaming of a....

This is Dizzy Dress™ Steam Heat
from the Gotta Dance! Collection.

This is also Steam Heat
but from the musical Pajama Game.

Click below to see why
Promise, you'll want to get yourself a hat
and a modern dance lesson.
Preferably a class teaching Fosse.

3 days until Christmas.
Are you done with your shopping?

Click here for some ideas!


Dizzy Dress™ America

This is Dizzy Dress™ America
from the all new Gotta Dance! Collection.

Below is America from the film West Side Story
which made such a HUGE impression on me growing up.
Rita Moreno; her flouncy, BIG, skirt;
in LILAC. So lovely!
And the music.
And the DANCING...
...still makes my jaw drop.


Dizzy Dress Forever™ and Ever

Dizzy Dress Forever™

1 dress worn 12 ways.
It can go on forever.....

More to come!


Dizzy Dress Forever™

Now for a different kind of Dizzy Dress...
A versatile Dizzy Dress™ you can wear many ways
and that grows with your child
so she can wear it, well, forever (-:
Or for a very, very long time.
It's a dress! It's a skirt! It's a jumper! It's reversible! It's twirly!
It's Dizzy Dress Forever™!

Stay tuned. More to come about this cool new Dizzy!


Dizzy Dress™ Mein Herr

My daughter sure does look like Peter Pan's 'wee light'.
Thanks Mr. Barrie for the quote.

This is Dizzy Dress™ Mein Herr
from the All New Dizzy Dress™ Gotta Dance! Collection.

Mine! Mine! -- you say.
Then visit http://www.dizzydress.com/p/blog-page_7.html
to get yours today! 

Worldwide Delivery. Paypal, bank deposit & major credit cards accepted.
Email dizzymedizzydress@gmail.com for more info or to buy one now.

Now this,
is an amazing number called Mein Herr
from the film Cabaret.
Love, love.


Nov-Dec Bazaar Schedule

where can you get dizzy
this holiday season?

below is a listing of our whereabouts & whenabouts (-;

FRIDAY November 16, 2012 
Christmas in Aspen Bazaar
Aspen Tower, Filinvest

SATURDAY - SUNDAY November 17-18, 2012
Pop-Up Store
6 Banyan Road, Forbes Park, Makati

SATURDAY - SUNDAY November 24-25, 2012
Mommy Mundo's Expo Mom
Rockwell Tent, Makati

THURSDAY November 29
Ayala Alabang Village TBA

FRI SAT SUN November 30-Dec 2, 2012
St.James the Great Bazaar
Ayala Alabang Village


Dizzy Dress™ Magic To Do

we've got magic to do 
just for you.
we've got miracle plays
to play.
we've got parts to perform.
hearts to warm.
kings and things to take by storm.
as we go along our way.

for more information about Dizzy Dress™ Magic To Do
visit http://shopdizzydress.blogspot.com/.

And in case you didn't know,
this is Magic To Do from Pippin,
one of my favorite scenes (-:
Isn't Ben Vereen just AMAZING?


All New Dizzy Dress™ Gotta Dance! Collection

When you're in a Dizzy Dress™ you just gotta!
Gotta spin, gotta jump, gotta twist, gotta shout, gotta gotta!
Introducing the Dizzy Dress™ Gotta Dance! Collection.

Promises to 'turn' ANY situation --
birthday party, wedding, play dates at home, in playgrounds
even the boringest snoringest of them all --
grandma's mahjong game, mommy's grocery run, dental appointment, bored at home
into something quite spectacular.  

With an all new construction to endure even more pretty twirly fun. 

A collection inspired by my favorite dance moments in film!

The Dizzy Dress™ Gotta Dance! Collection!
Click HERE to get moving, get dancing, get DIZZY!

Happy Holidays!


Spin-away Give Away Winner!

And the 
lucky duck
of the Dizzy Dress™
Spin-away Give Away is.....

and one more time,
with feeling!

And the winner
of the Dizzy Dress™
Spin-Away Give Away is....

(click it Dona!)

Dear Dona, 
please email me at dizzymedizzydress@gmail.com
or message me on facebook your mailing address and
contact number. Thank you!


The Dizzy Dress™ Spin-Away Give Away 2012!

Attention:  Make sure the Facebook SHARE is PUBLIC
(after you click 'share', a box will appear. Upper right hand corner of the box click 'public').
This is the only way I can keep track of who shares this picture!

Good luck!!!


A SeriouslyDizzy Inc. Production!

Today is a MOMENTOUS day.
 Thank you Pia. Finally, right?!! Hope I made you proud.
Thank you Paolo, and your 'Just Do It. Moron!' approach. I guess it worked!
Thank you Daddy & Mommy, my angel & devil investors.
Thank you Rachel, my Dr. Matoto.
Thank you Tina, for believing in me & Dizzy and giving us the time of day!
Thank you Alexie. (cake! fireworks! french fries!)
Thank you Febie. Best. Assistant. Ever.
Thank you Dr. Tan. Best. Doctor. Ever.
Thank you Anne & Nono. For not being so far away. Now come back!
Thank you GOD. UNIVERSE. You're conspiring, aren't you!?
Thank you Mayumi. And your never-ending supply of patience and love for Mommy.
Thank you Asawa, for filling in the blanks.
Thank you me.
I swear, I suprise me.

I'm blessed! I'm blessed!
Living in the overflow!



One day soon, 
I hope to be found in department stores and boutiques all over the world! 
In the meantime, this is Dizzy Dress™ making the most of it
at local bazaars, expos, trunk shows & open houses (like this one at Hello Kiddo!).

Small brand, big heart, big dreams.....


So good for you!

do you?

This is Dizzy Dress™ Gwen Vernon
from the I Love Dance! Collection.

This Saturday Sept.22
Get your Greens!
at Hello Kiddo Open House
Saturday Sept.22 9am-6pm
302 Ma.Cristina Ayala Alabang
Dizzy Dress™ One big, happy, reversible, twirly dress!
With Olive Essentials, Fille et Fils Scent Therapy, Coco Kids, Buck & Tink, Platypus & more!


Proud to be Pinoy!

                                     Keep your feet on the ground
                                  and keep reaching for the stars....


              Dizzy Dress™.  Small brand with big heart and big dreams.

               See you at the Global Pinoy Bazaar this November 2012!!!

                                   (oh, and long live Casey Kasem!)



When it comes to her closet...
It's the one thing you and she will agree on.

Mommies and their little Ladies 
 LOVE the Dizzy Dress™!


$10 Inflatable Travel Pillows Are Really Not That Useless...


For bad hair days,
get a whole new hairdo.

An Abe Lincoln Beard.

A fascinator. 

$10 inflatable travel pillows are really not that useless.


Alabang gets Dizzy™!

Join Shoe Addict, 
Dizzy Dress™,
 Olive Essentials, 
I Love Bags, 
Fille et Fils, 
Peanut Butter & Jelly Food Depot
at Vivere Hotel
Filinvest, Alabang 
August 22, Wednesday.
Doors open at 10am!

 Shop for a cause.
Part of the proceeds will support relief operations
for flood-stricken Muntinlupa families.

For more details email, text or call Trica
at dizzymedizzydress@gmail.com
0917 8424665