This is Dizzy Dress™ Sweet Grapes of Mine.
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All New Dizzies!

Same play. More party.
We can't wait to get you dizzy!
♥ Tricia & Mayumi


Kitchen Capers present...

The Momstrich

A Mom   A Little Girl   And a Very Long Nightgown


(Filed under: The things I will miss when my Miss grows up)


A must for the beginner twirler...

...The Itty Bitty Dizzy Dress™!

From left to right:
Shiny Light in My Eyes
Peach Drop
& Checkerific!

Will fit twirly girls ages 1.5 years all the way up to petite 3 year olds!

 The taller the girl, the shorter the dress.
Less maxi, more baby doll...

 ...still reversible...

...still super dizzy!

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9 year-old Ramona gets dizzy!

Yehey, Ramona wins a Dizzy Dress™!
Thanks to her mommy Anna Chan,
winner of the 1st Dizzy Dressy Spin-Away Give-Away.

So adjustable and comfortably stretchy, 
it even fits a 9 year old!



Special Delivery.

What's happening?

Where are they taking us???

We're packed.

Relax. We're going to Mireille Ferrari-Cooney's home
in Indonesia.

Indo-what-the??? What's that? Where's that?!

 Let's look it up.

Thank goodness for technology.


Mrs. Cooney, here we come.

Betcha she's sweet.

 Betcha she sings.

 Don't really care, as long as she's mine.

- Sigh -
We got ourselves a Mommy ♥.