And the winner is.....

 44 Facebook Likers...

44 fun-loving folks...

 Just 1 lucky duck!!!!

Drumroll please...


 And the winner...

 of the first ever...

 Dizzy Dress Spin-away Give-away is...


Anna B. Chan!!!!!!

Let's hear it for Anna! My mommy will email you in the morning!
Thanks everyone for joining the great Dizzy Dress Spin-away Give-way!


Washing intructions!

Washing instructions: 

Machine washable cold. 
Lay flat to dry. 
If need be, tumble low or air dry in the dryer. 
Or hang on line. 
For the bigger dresses, so the straps don't take all the weight, 
use a couple hangers to distribute weight. 
When washing Dizzy Dress™ in a machine 
turn thinner material to the inside and keep the straps tied. 
Again, do not wash with the felt hearts.
Don't wash felt hearts at all.
And no bleach, please.

Ironing Instructions:
Ironing spandex or cotton knit is not recommended.
If need be, just a super duper trooper 'light' ironing at a super low setting.
And iron rapidly.
Spandex doesn't wrinkle anyway.
If tag is wrinkled, iron from behind.

To learn more about your Dizzy Dress™ click below


Dress 7. Dizzy Dress™ Polka Dot Tango.

Which do you prefer?

No flash?


No flash?


 No flash?

 No flash?
Me like no flash!



The Great Dizzy Dress™ Spin-away Give-away! (updated)

Just joined
Facebook Spin-away Give-away
or want to?

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Promo Details:
1. Just LIKE Dizzy Dress on Facebook:

2.  The lucky winner of the The Great Dizzy Dress™ Spin-away Give-away 
will be announced this Sunday Nov 27! A video of Mayumi drawing 
the lucky winner's name will be video recorded and posted.

3.  Winner residing in the Philippines will get their dress ASAP

4. Winner residing in the USA will get their Dizzy Dress in the mail first week 
of January 2012 

5. Promo valid only for those living in the Philippines & the United States

6.  If you know someone who lives in the Philippines or the States that
can get the dress to you, then YES, you can still join!

6. Winner can pick the size: 1-2 years old, 3-4 years old or 5-8 years old

7.  Which Dizzy Dress???  To be announced along with the winner
on Sunday November 27

8.  To qualify, participants MUST like us on Facebook

That's it! Good luck!

Tricia & Mayumi

Dizzy Dress™ featured on Miss Match!


Going, going....

...not yet gone!
The following Dizzy Dresses™ are still here for the taking!
Come and get them at the Intercon Hotel 
this coming Sunday Nov 20, Rotary Makati Bazaar (:

Dizzy Dress™ Drip Drop

 Flip side!

 Dizzy Dress™ Checkerific!

Flip side!

Dizzy Dress™ Gorgonzola!


Dizzy Dress™ Sweet Rose!

 Dizzy Dress™ Little Twin Stars!


Dizzy Dress™Kimono!

 Itty Bitty Dizzy Dress™

Nose kiss?

Nose kiss (: