Best. Lipstick. Ever.

M & M Lipsticks!

A shade for your every mood.

I'm feeling rather......posh.

Just apply like so.

How posh.

 Go enjoy your halloween treats (:


Mommy, make me something that goes with THIS.

(daughter's pink spectacles)

As you wish...

Thanks Mommy.
But what about cousin Nono?
As you wish... 


What's your little lady like?

For the first 3 years of my daughter's life I kept her away from all things Barbie.
She was so well-trained that when a Barbie commercial came on she'd actually cover her eyes.
Then it dawned on me. What if all this anti-Barbie backfires? What if it turns her into a fanatic? 
A closet Barbie? And so...I backed off the 'Baaad Barbie' propaganda and just let my daughter be.

2 years later....



This is my daughter today.
This is how she likes to dress.
At the playground,
even at home.
She's always got her sparkle on.

Her style. Her way.

 She LOVES to layer.

 Check out the detail! A folded collar!

 Stripes and flowers! PINK and PINKER!
Leg warmers pushed 'just so'. Headbands worn exactly her way or the highway.
You can't get anything past Little Miss Stylin'.
You know, it says a lot that that this fashionista approves of the Dizzy Dress™!

 And yes, she did turn out to be a big Barbie fan. 
Just like I was when I was five.


Dress 6. Dizzy Dress™ Feelin' Groovy.

Slow down you move too fast..

You got to make the morning last

Just kicking down the cobblestones

Looking for fun

And feeling groovy.

Let the morning time drop all its petals on me.

Life, I love you. All is groovy.

Song by Simon & Garfunkle.
Joy by Mayumi.


Now THIS makes me happy (:

"I just saw the dresses.They are genius !!!Thanks so much."
 Suzette M., Philippines

"Hi Tricia!! She absolutely loved it! she kept twirling and turning, making all of us dizzy (: she wanted to wear it to sleep and for her party tom."
 Cheryl Z.,Singapore

"Rafa my daughter loves her dizzy dress! Specially the fact that you can attach different felt shapes on the buttons!!!"
          Anthony B., Philippines


Oh My Box!!!!!

We're orphans.
Wontcha take us home? Pwetty pweeze?

 I'm Boxy-box. I need a mommy.
 I'm Packy-Pack. I'll be really quiet.
I'm Container-rainy. I'll make you laugh.

Find us this Oct.22-23 at Zonta's
"Moroccan & More Bazaar"
Cuenca Covered Court, Ayala Alabang.


Why so serious?

Hello there my trusty, worn pumps. Why so serious?

Professor Hubby! Why so serious?

hee hee.

Seriously Pretty.

Pretty silly!!!!!!!! Seriously!

That's sorta the spirit behind Dizzy Dress.

No day but today, friends (: 

Hand-stitched on to each and every Dizzy Dress™!

No way????!!!!


Dress 5. Dizzy Dress™ Kimono.


I love the unlikely combination 
of subtle cotton knit grey stripes and bold, sateen flowers...

I think you either love it or hate it.

Inspired by Kimonos!