This is Dizzy Dress™ Sweet Grapes of Mine.
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All New Dizzies!

Same play. More party.
We can't wait to get you dizzy!
♥ Tricia & Mayumi


Kitchen Capers present...

The Momstrich

A Mom   A Little Girl   And a Very Long Nightgown


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A must for the beginner twirler...

...The Itty Bitty Dizzy Dress™!

From left to right:
Shiny Light in My Eyes
Peach Drop
& Checkerific!

Will fit twirly girls ages 1.5 years all the way up to petite 3 year olds!

 The taller the girl, the shorter the dress.
Less maxi, more baby doll...

 ...still reversible...

...still super dizzy!

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9 year-old Ramona gets dizzy!

Yehey, Ramona wins a Dizzy Dress™!
Thanks to her mommy Anna Chan,
winner of the 1st Dizzy Dressy Spin-Away Give-Away.

So adjustable and comfortably stretchy, 
it even fits a 9 year old!



Special Delivery.

What's happening?

Where are they taking us???

We're packed.

Relax. We're going to Mireille Ferrari-Cooney's home
in Indonesia.

Indo-what-the??? What's that? Where's that?!

 Let's look it up.

Thank goodness for technology.


Mrs. Cooney, here we come.

Betcha she's sweet.

 Betcha she sings.

 Don't really care, as long as she's mine.

- Sigh -
We got ourselves a Mommy ♥.


And the winner is.....

 44 Facebook Likers...

44 fun-loving folks...

 Just 1 lucky duck!!!!

Drumroll please...


 And the winner...

 of the first ever...

 Dizzy Dress Spin-away Give-away is...


Anna B. Chan!!!!!!

Let's hear it for Anna! My mommy will email you in the morning!
Thanks everyone for joining the great Dizzy Dress Spin-away Give-way!


Washing intructions!

Washing instructions: 

Machine washable cold. 
Lay flat to dry. 
If need be, tumble low or air dry in the dryer. 
Or hang on line. 
For the bigger dresses, so the straps don't take all the weight, 
use a couple hangers to distribute weight. 
When washing Dizzy Dress™ in a machine 
turn thinner material to the inside and keep the straps tied. 
Again, do not wash with the felt hearts.
Don't wash felt hearts at all.
And no bleach, please.

Ironing Instructions:
Ironing spandex or cotton knit is not recommended.
If need be, just a super duper trooper 'light' ironing at a super low setting.
And iron rapidly.
Spandex doesn't wrinkle anyway.
If tag is wrinkled, iron from behind.

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Dress 7. Dizzy Dress™ Polka Dot Tango.

Which do you prefer?

No flash?


No flash?


 No flash?

 No flash?
Me like no flash!